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Inner Mongolia
Mr.Joseph Kasa talked about situation in Malta quite delightedly
     Malta is mainly composed of three islands, namely Malta Island, Gozo Island and Comino Island. Malta Island enjoys the largest area and agriculture at its northern area is relatively advanced. Comino Island is the smaller than the other two islands. Small the island country is, people can do a lot of things here, such as fishing, picking flowers and fruit as well as wine tasting etc. This country boasts a long history as well as well-preserved enriched art and cultural relics, age-old stone steps and churches with thousands of years of history.
     Secretary general Dr. John Xing brought up that “World Agritourism Development Forum” would be held in Changsha city, Hunan Province on this October 31st, and he had prepared to invite Mr. ambassador and a high-level official in relevant department to participate in our activity. Mr. ambassador said he would try his best to assist the activity. In the respect of representative city, Mr. ambassador mentioned Victoria city in Gozo island (Victoria city is the center of culture, economy and all kinds of activities of the island), and said he can help us contact mayor of the city and Mr. Edward Fenech Adami, ex-president and prime minister of Malta if needed.
     During the conversation, Mr. ambassador specially mentioned the trip to RugaoŁ¬land of longevity, Jiangsu Province he attended and organized by Friendship Communication Organization of Ambassadors & Madams on Knowing Chinese Culture. In that trip, what most impressed him was the visit to centenarians, which reflects the caring of Chinese society towards senior citizens, he said. On leaving his position as ambassador, Mr. ambassador extended gratitude to the organizing committee, he spoke highly of the organizing committee’s work which has helped envoys from abroad toward better understanding and discovery of China; more importantly, he and staff in the organizing committee had developed friendship.


Cultural Exchange Cooperation Organization of Diplomats in China
Friendship Communication Organization of Ambassadors & Madams on Knowing Chinese Culture
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